Stellas' Story

Just a girl living in Stellas' world

Welcome to Stellas! I guess this is the part where I should tell you a little more about me and then we can really become besties...

For as long as I could remember I wanted to be involved in fashion and ultimately have a store of my own. After years of building my career & eventually getting laid off, I felt uninspired when looking for another job. After a lot of tears, margaritas, and hours of self reflection, I thought back on the dream I once thought was far fetched and thought, "why the hell not?"

Remember when shopping used to be an experience? Whether it was an afternoon to the mall with your best girlfriends or stacking styles in the dressing room for the perfect birthday outfit, it was more than just swiping the credit card. I want to bring that back. I want customers to feel like friends and I am your gal pal for the fun afternoon ahead.

I always loved how an outfit could completely have you reinventing yourself. I want to be the person helping you break out of your comfort zone and try something new. Or give you an idea on how to style that new favorite dress and make it more than just a special occasion dress.

Let's go shopping!

Host your own shopping party!

Who is Stella?

No, this is not a boutique for dogs...yet. However, there are two sweet girls that have captured my heart and they both have four legs and are named Stella. They are both sassy and stylish and exemplify exactly what Stellas is all about!